This is the first version of this very website. With web design and development a firm passion of mine, I built this website from the ground up. It served as a good platform for me to portray my skills, and even came in handy for keeping bookmarks, etc, while doing my masters in information technology.

I’d become tooled up in Fireworks, and so used Fireworks to create the sites theme, layout and wireframe. Photoshop was also used to enhance some of the imagery.

The site was then built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for some of the front end dynamic content. No CMS was used. The blog section was custom built, using PHP, JSON, and a MySQL db. This blog section is where I kept most of my thesis articles and notes.

  • Client - My first online portfolio
  • Date - March 30th, 2009
  • Skills/Tools Used - HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Fireworks, Photoshop
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