Recipe Book

Always eager to keep my skills honed, and with some pretty big announcements made this year with the release of Angular 5, I decided to build this small recipe and shopping list app with the AngularJS framework.

The app itself is pretty basic, allowing to you create an account, add your own delicious recipes, and to send those recipe ingredients to your very own shopping list. – (handy when roaming through Aldi on your weekly shop).

The backend is supported by Google Firebase, and the whole application is hosted on AWS – Amazon’s unique and immensely powerful cloud computing service.

This was a fun project, taking a little over 3 weeks to develop from the ground up. – and it served as a great opportunity to brush up on my angular and typescript skills.

Try the app out for yourself, and add your delicious recipes.

  • Client - Darren Stephenson
  • Date - November 18th, 2017
  • Skills/Tools Used - Angular, AWS, Firebase
Project link
Recipe Book Home Page

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