The Anfield Spirit

A passion of mine is following LFC. Having many friends who share the same passion, I decided to put this little site together.

It’s built using the power CMS WordPress, and then the shop itself is built using the eCommerce toolkit Woo Commerce. The Woo Commerce toolkit has proved to be very powerful, and very easy to customize. My wordpress theme was easily updated to support the Woo Commerce framework, and now this site supports a fully functioning, online retail store.

A fun little project, what started as a small project, has now turned into a profitable side business. If you have the time, and support LFC, you should check out our this site and our shop.

  • Client - developed for
  • Date - August 27th, 2012
  • Skills/Tools Used - HTML / CSS / PHP / Javascript / Illustrator / Wordpress / WooCommerce

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