Let the Market determine the Price of your Cab Journey.

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A Fair Price for your Cab Journey.

With our app, it's easy to get a fair price for your cab journey.

  • Enter your origin
  • Enter your destination
  • Let cab drivers bid on the fare
  • Choose the best price

Great way to get value for your journey

Cabfair is a user friendly platform that allows users to get the most competitive rates for their cab journey. Users can simply enter the requirements of their journey; time, origin, destination, no. of passengers, stops, etc. Cab drivers in the area will receive a notification of the journey, which they will then bid on to acquire the fare. The passenger simply chooses the best offer available. The chosen cab will then be notified that their bid has been accepted and they will go to the pick-up point to collect their fare.

How it works

With our Cabfair app, see how easy it is to get Cab drivers in your area, bidding to acquire your fare. Then simply chose the best offer available.

It's Awesome

Some of the benefits of using CabFair

Your Data in Cloud

Don't have change in your pocket? No Problem! Pay your fare online through the app.

Monthly Rewards

Use our app to earn points and then claim your monthly reward!


Recieve regular updates on the whereabouts of your driver.

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